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Maura Richards can organize a job fair like nobody’s business, but weddings are a whole different story. She’s especially uninterested in planning the Kansas City social event of the year, as she marries local hero and NFL superstar Jet Knox. Lobbing that responsibility to Gloria, her formidable future mother-in-law, Maura focuses on her career, her fiancé, and football… and not losing her nerve.

Glimpses into what her life will be like once she and Jet say, “I do,” tie her stomach in knots the closer she comes to tying the knot. Mounting pressures at work and wherever home happens to be that day compete for her attention, culminating in a jam-packed spring that’s more logistical nightmare than dream wedding. But standing up for herself to a master manipulator like Gloria Knox hardly seems like the best way to ingratiate herself to her new family. Therefore, Maura tastes cakes, talks centerpieces, and poses for photos, despite her mounting panic.

If football has taught her anything, it’s that the best offense is a good defense, but she’s running out of plays and may need to call on the quarterback to launch a Hail Mary. The question is, will Maura show up in the end zone to catch his pass?