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Librarian Kendall Dickinson is overdue for a do-over. Unfortunately, she’s clueless about who she really is… or who she even wants to be. One thing she’s certain about:  she doesn’t want anyone to know she’s back in her small hometown in North Carolina, because she failed miserably at her first grown-up job and relationship.

When her lack of self-awareness lands her a job as a school librarian, surrounded by two of her least favorite things, kids and noise, she quickly realizes she’s made another questionable decision in this Choose-Your-Own Adventure called “Life.” In addition to a precocious, feline-obsessed kindergartner, a walking jukebox of a music teacher, a birdbrained principal, a sardonic secretary, and a fourth grade teacher who missed her calling as a prison warden, the cast of characters at Whitehall Elementary includes a cocky staffer who seems to know exactly who he is and what he wants from life. Unfortunately, family obligations keep him stuck in his second-choice career. Kendall knows the last thing she needs is a bored man to screw things up for her… again… but he’s a page-turner she just can’t put down.

If only she could sort out her feelings and priorities, Kendall may be able to discover the person she’s meant to be. All she needs is a little Quiet, Please!

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