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Jayne Greer wasn’t the looker or the comedienne in her family; she was the thinker and the writer. And ultimately, she was the survivor. When a deadly house fire claimed the lives of her parents and two sisters just hours after Jayne’s high school graduation, she was left virtually alone in the world. Writing down her personal tale of woe began as a therapeutic exercise in grieving, but the resulting book became her foray into the publishing world… and beyond.

Twelve years after the tragic fire, Jayne finds herself in Boston, thousands of miles from home and completely out of her element. With only her quirky friend, Gus, and ill-tempered editor, Lucas, as company, Jayne’s continual missteps have her ready to scrap her dream and run back to Indianapolis. Lucas demands she do things to her book that she's not willing to do. And even if she were, she's starting to wonder if she'd be able, considering she's in the midst of the worst case of writer's block she's ever experienced. A writer’s retreat to Marblehead is her last hope. But it could wind up costing her the only control she has left in her life.

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