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Brea Brown is a humble Indie author who lives in Springfield, Missouri, with her three hilarious sons and her amazing husband. Her passions include writing, daydreaming, laughing, football, and not taking anything too seriously. When she’s not doing those things, she hangs out on Facebook and Twitter or blogging as “The Reluctant Blogger.” Her published novels are:

The Family Plot
The Secret Keeper
The Secret Keeper Confined
The Secret Keeper Up All Night
The Secret Keeper Holds On
The Secret Keeper Lets Go

The Secret Keeper Fulfilled
Plain Jayne
Quiet, Please!
Out of My League
Rookie of the Year
Let's Be Frank
Let's Be Real
Let's Be Friends

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  1. I studied mass media production in college and started my career in television news. That "career" lasted about half a decade. Couldn't hack the stress... and other things.
  2. My day job as an administrative assistant at an environmental consulting firm is as unexciting as it sounds. BUT I work my eight hours every day and go home and don't think about my day job. Keeps my mind free to think about more exciting, imaginary people and their lives.
  3. My day job as an admin assistant has actually helped me more with the publishing (editing, formatting, caring about the product) side of being an author/publisher, while my past as a morning news producer has served me well with the writing aspect of being an author/publisher. So see? It all works out!
  4. I could probably eat pizza every single day. I've come close to testing this theory.
  5. Like many of the characters in The Secret Keeper, I am a Lutheran. Pot lucks rule!
  6. I have three sisters and two brothers. I'm the second-to-youngest child. For those of you interested in birth order, that probably tells you a lot about me right there.
  7. I'm slightly obsessed with Colin Firth. I say "slightly" because there's been no restraining order issued... yet.
  8. I love summer and hate winter. Fall is my favorite season, though.
  9. My favorite vacation destination is the beach. Sandy beaches.
  10. I'm a major Anglophile and would love to live for a year in England and write.
  11. I have a form of epilepsy that results in complex partial seizures (when I'm not medicated). I've been seizure-free since January of 2009. Woot!
  12. My favorite place to write is at the Panera just down the street from my house. It smells good there!
  13. Thirteen is my lucky number.